Past Projects

Past Development Projects in The United States of America, Lenard Jacobson and Affiliates

Projects financed and developed in the United States have included historic renovations, hotels, condo and coop conversions, mixed-use development, up-market single family houses, multi-unit town house development, golf course development, retirement housing and affordable rental properties. These projects were located in Florida, Texas, New York, Tennessee, Washington and Massachusetts. Lenard Jacobson, President and Managing Partner of Jacobson Global, either developed and/or financed these projects through former entities over a period of over thirty years, and acted as principal real estate broker for these and many other transactions. This experience led to the creation of Jacobson global and the transition to the international private funding projects currently under way in Africa. (link to current projects in blog)

Past U.S, projects include:

• Jacobson Building and Development served as joint venture builder and developer of upmarket luxury single-family homes in south Florida’s most prestigious communities in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Boca Raton. Developed and financed homes in the multi-million dollar sales market.

• A condominium conversion project in Boston, Massachusetts.  Purchased a city block and financed the conversion of a 100 rental apartments. This first generation conversion in Boston was a highly successful project.

• Acquisition and development of an historic hotel and residential properties in Memphis, Tennessee and Boston, Massachusetts.
• A 200-unit luxury townhouse development in Boca Raton, Florida

• A luxury mixed use development of condominiums, hotel and retail in Turtle Creek, Dallas Texas.

• Hotel development and apartment co-operative conversions in New York City.
• Golf course development including roads and infrastructure development in the state of Washington.
• Financed apartment complexes comprising several thousand units in Miami, Florida.
See the complete Projects list.

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