Current Projects

Currently Under Development


• A world-class tourism resort including 3,490 individual accommodation units, 3,000 timeshare units and 3,000 full title units; airport and airways; and 27 supporting lodges in South Africa.

• Resorts, housing, infrastructure development and urban renewal in South Africa.

• Power plant, 5,000-home mixed-use township, commercial and 
rail complex in South Africa.

• 7,600-home mixed-use township, fly ash production facility in South Africa.

• 15,000-home mixed-use township, urban renewal and commercial petro port in South Africa.

• Urban renewal, infrastructure development, commercial center, 
hotel and conference facility in South Africa.

• Solar hot water installation, commercial and television station 
facility in South Africa.


• 1,200-MW closed cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant including liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility and storage in Namibia.

• In Namibia, we are also funding projects in the following industries: retail, agricultural, import/export, commodity trading, IT/communication, investment, real estate development and hospitality. Ongoing efforts in Namibia also encompass coal and gas mining; gold mining and trading; and energy exploration and green energy solutions.


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